Ms Jessica Thorn

Jessica provides support to Prof. Andy Watson and Dr Ute Schuster within the research group and her main responsibilities include collecting and collation observational information and data whilst liasing with other research scientists working on the project. She is responsible for co-ordinating research projects and report writing.

Jessica has an honours degree in Geosciences and a master degree in Earth System Science having graduated in 2012 with the Open University. Her special interests are major perturbations to the global carbon cycle during the Mesozoic, where her MSc thesis was based on rapid atmospheric carbon dioxide increases, possibly caused by large igneous province emplacements, and the feedback systems that may ultimately have led to widespread oceanic anoxia during this period. Her current research takes her away from the oceans and into the terrestrial realm. Where she will be looking at conifer diversity and their role in influencing wildfire activity in ecosystems during the Triassic-Jurassic period. She also has a strong background in Oceanography and Ocean-Atmosphere carbon cycling and feedback systems.