Research Group Interests

The Kjølnes Atmospheric Observatory has been operational since August 2013 monitoring CO2, CH4, N2O and CO. This is achieved by using two Off-Axis Integrated-Cavity Output Spectroscopy (Los Gatos Inc.) devices connected in series. Quality control is maintained by regular calibration events using three reference tanks and validated against a target tank.

Additionally, hourly measurements taken from a working tank act as a smoothing process to eliminate low-frequency variations.kjolnes_diag

Figure 1 – Schematics

Sampled air is filtered, dried and trapped (using a series of cryogenic traps set at -90°C). The resultant dry air is subsequently analysed for traces of CO2 and CH4 using the first Los Gatos device (model GGA-24r-EP) before further analysis for N2O and CO concentrations is performed using the second Los Gatos unit (model CO/N2O-23d).


Figure 2 – Target Tank Precision & Accuracy

Figure 2 shows the precision and accuracy calculations of the Target Tank for the period October 2013 through February 2014.

This station is part of the Equianos Network.